Angle Board Protective Material

Angle Board Protective Material

angle board protective material 1)Edge protecotor or corner board is manufactured from recycled kraft paper layers, laminated with glue, which results in a high-strength rigid right angle board (L-shaped) that is most commonly used for strap protection, overseas and flat bed truck shipments and...

Product Details

Angle Board Protective Material

Angle Board

Product introduction

1. the paper corner can bundle the products together to make the whole packaging more solid and firm.

2. fixing the goods on the tray can protect the product and its edge.

3. the product can be protected and supported in the process of handling.

4. it can be customized according to the different specifications and requirements of customers.

It can play a role in strengthening the tray in the course of transportation of the goods, so as to avoid the damage to the corner of the edge of the goods in the process of handling, packing and transportation.

Its material is made of cardboard laminate adhesive, so it can be recycled and recycled.

And in the export container can be fumigation-free, cost-saving, widely used.

Provide strong packaging for pallet transportation, paper corner protection for any goods on the loading tray, it is used with packing belt (or binding film), so that the original loose piecemeal cartons, plates, metal tubes.

Electronic components 5. provide solid packaging for pallet transportation: the paper corner can protect the edges and corners of any goods installed on the pallet, and it and other items become a solid whole to prevent the goods from tilting and collapsing.

Another advantage of paper corner protection is that it is very convenient to unpack, as long as you cut off the packing belt or box film.

6. prevention of external damage: if the use of paper angle is only to protect the surface, and does not need reinforcement, the thickness can be 3mm, its size can be determined according to the size of the angle, in order to reduce the cost,

You can also use some small corner protection because the packing belt is too tight corner damage.

7. increase the stacking pressure of the carton: the corner of the carton can be placed at the four corners of the carton, which can enhance the stacking strength of the carton, play a cushioning role in the event of external impact, and can also stack the carton together without squeezing the contents inside.

Common Specifications

30*30*3;  40*40*3

40*40*5;  45*45*3

45*45*4;  50*50*4

50*50*5; 80*80*4


Paper corner3Angle guard

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