PE Cling Wrap Vendor

PE Cling Wrap Vendor

Shenzhen Chengxing Packing & Material Co.,Ltd is one of the best PE cling film manufacturers, welcome to import cheap PE cling film from our factory. Quick Details Material: PE Type: Stretch Film Usage: Cling Film Feature: Moisture Proof Hardness: Soft Processing Type: Casting Transparency:...

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Product Details

product manual:

Preservative PE film meets the sanitary standards for food utensils, containers and packaging.

Material characteristics:

1. Sanitary safety: Preservative PE film meets national food hygiene standards and is suitable for various food packaging.

2. Glossy and transparent: The transparency and gloss of the fresh-keeping PE film are good, and the product value is improved.

3. Anti-fog property: When the food containing moisture is packaged in ordinary film, and the surface is easy to condense water droplets, it is foggy, resulting in poor transparency and perishable food. The anti-fogging effect of fresh PE film is good, and the water droplets can be automatically dispersed. Keep the package with good transparency and ensure the freshness of the food.

4. Cold resistance: Fresh-keeping PE film has excellent cold resistance and can maintain good softness even when refrigerated at low temperature.

5. Packaging suitability: Since the fresh-keeping PE film has good softness and proper adhesion, it can be completely attached to the package after use.

Product Usage

1. Household fresh-keeping PE film: mainly for household food, such as refrigerating, freezing and other packaging.

2. Preservative film for food packaging PE: mainly for the packaging of vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood and other foods.

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