PE Cling Film Keep Food Fresh ISO Approved

PE Cling Film Keep Food Fresh ISO Approved

Shenzhen Chengxing Packing & Material Co.,Ltd is one of the best PE cling film manufacturers, welcome to import cheap PE cling film from our factory. Quick Details Material: PE Type: Stretch Film Usage: Cling Film Feature: Moisture Proof Hardness: Soft Processing Type: Casting Transparency:...

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Product Details

Quick Details

  • Material: PE

  • Type: Stretch Film

  • Usage: Cling Film

  • Feature: Moisture Proof

  • Hardness:Soft

  • Processing Type: Casting

  • Transparency: Opaque

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: OEM

  • Model Number: OEM-J-A207

  • Certification: ISO9001:2008   SGS

  • Thickness: 8-12mic

  • Width: ANY

  • Length: ANY

  • Customizing Service: OEM

  • Paper Core Diameter: 50mm   76mm

  • Package: 6rolls/4rolls Per Carton

  • Color: Transparent, Black, Blue, and so on

  • Product Type: OEM-J-A207

  • Product Name: PVC Cling Film(SGS)

Packaging   Delivery

Packaging Details: 4 or 6 Rolls/Carton or Customized
Delivery Detail: 20 - 30 DAYS AFTER DEPOSIT PAYMENT

Think soft pe packaging pvc cling wrap film for food wrap

Why Us

1. We have 8 years' experience

2. We have got BV and ISO9001:2008 certifications

3. We are the supplier of Walmart , Amway and Office Depot, etc.

4. We can promise you a short lead time

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How to use cling film:

 1, the first is to keep fresh, as the name suggests, cling film ~ wrapped with plastic wrap vegetables and fruits, can keep fresh vegetables for a long time

 2, the protection of vitamin C in vegetables is like this: every New Year, every household will encounter such troubles: a table full of dishes, only a little bit of each dish, the rest have to put in the refrigerator and then Eat, how to make the nutrition of these leftovers not lost? Professor Li Shuguang, dean of the School of Basic Medicine of Tongji University and director of the Institute of Nutrition and Health Food, passed the experimental verification and suggested that people can use plastic wrap to protect nutrition.

3, plastic wrap to oil stains on the side of the kitchen table with plastic wrap. The wall of the kitchen hob is easily stained with oil. Once the wall is contaminated, it is very difficult to clean it. The cling film has the characteristics of easy adhesion, and it is transparent, and it does not affect the appearance when it is attached to the wall. After a few weeks, the wrap film is covered with oil, just gently peel off and then re-layer it. It saves the trouble of cleaning the wall. The cling film is combined with the decontamination of the washing spirit. Apply the washing spirit to the surface where the oil is to be removed. Then, cover the cling film in the place where the washing spirit is applied, and flatten the cling film. After ten minutes, the wrap film is lifted and the softened oil is wiped off, so that the oil can be easily wiped off.

Because the main component of the washing spirit is a surfactant, after covering the plastic wrap, it can effectively prevent the loss of water and evaporation, so that the surfactant can exert the decontamination effect in a relatively good concentration range. In addition, the wrap film is a polymer material which can adsorb oil and can also remove oil stains.



Q: What is the use of tape?


A: Can be used for sealing, advertising, pasting, protecting products, winding, etc.




Q: What types of tape are there?


A: The tape can be divided into transparent tape, printing tape and color tape according to the color; according to the function, it can be divided into ordinary tape, low noise tape, no bubble tape, super transparent tape and so on.




Q: How is the amount of tape less transported?


A: The amount of tape is small. We generally choose express delivery (3-9 days), and you can also choose the transportation method according to your needs.




Regarding the difference between PE and PVC, the public should carefully distinguish and distinguish:

1. Look at the packaging. With "QS" logo, serial number and manufacturer's detailed address, plastic wrap marked with PE or polyethylene can be used with confidence;

2. Look at the color. The whole color of the yellow color is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and the white color is polyethylene (PE);

3. Handcuffs. PE cling film generally has poor viscosity and transparency, and is easy to open after rubbing by hand, while PVC cling film has good transparency and stickiness, and it is difficult to spread by hand;

4. Burn it. After the PE cling film is ignited by fire, the flame is yellow, burning rapidly, leaving the fire source will not extinguish, there is dripping phenomenon and the burning taste of the candle; while the PVC cling film is not easy to ignite, the root of the flame is light green and emits black smoke. It will be extinguished after leaving the fire source, and it has a pungent smell;

5. Go to the supermarket. Supermarkets generally sell PE cling film, and most of the farmer's market sells PVC cling film.

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