An economical packing belt|Special packing belt for carton factory

- May 06, 2019-

The fixed force 3000 meters belt absorbs the experience of the Japanese waterline for transformation. The production width can be 4.5-18 mm. The thickness is 0.4-1 .5 mm; Tension can reach 50-280 KN. Customized production and printing can be performed according to customer requirements. Our company produces 3000 meters light packing belt with beautiful appearance and bright color. It has the advantages of high strength, good toughness, soft texture, smooth end surface, non-absorbent, recyclable, low weight per meter is also an ideal choice for you to reduce your cost.

An economical packing belt

1. Light material. The fixed power 3000 meters belt is produced with new materials. It does not contain any recycled materials.

2. The number of meters is long. Equal weight packing belt. Meter length. Ordinary net weight 9 kg packing belt is only 700 meters. Solid power 3000 meters belt is 3,000 meters. It effectively saves your cost.

3. Strong pull. Ordinary packing belts are very brittle. And we have 3,000 meters with a very strong pull.

4. Saves the packing operation time. improves the working efficiency. Over-automata will not appear in the card belt, pull off the band and so on.

5.3000 meters belt. Good appearance. Give a person a kind of high grade product image. It is helpful to improve the quality image of the packaged product.

An economical packing belt

Special packing belt for carton factory

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