Causes of common double-sided adhesive tape peeling

- May 25, 2018-

  In the working life, many people will meet the phenomenon of double-sided adhesive off, for this situation is also more distressed, do not know why it will fall off, and now to explain to you about the reasons for the loss of double-sided adhesive, we can also according to the future The reason why the rubber is peeled off is to find a corresponding countermeasure to prevent the double-sided tape from falling off again.

  The reasons for the fall off of double-sided tape are as follows:

  1, the contact surface has impurities, dust or oil. It is best to wipe it with alcohol or thinner before bonding, and keep the contact surface clean and stick.

  2, the use of the environment whether there is sol liquid, aerosol or humid, the temperature is too low, so be sure to choose a good paste environment.

  3, double-sided adhesive expired failure, then the time of purchase must look for the double-sided adhesive shelf life date, use in the warranty period.

  4. Whether the adhesive is overweight, if it exceeds the adhesive weight bearing capacity of the double-sided tape, it will cause the double-sided tape to fall off.

  5. Whether it is often shaken during use, unstability of the double-sided adhesive will cause it to fall off.

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