How to distinguish between PP packing belt and PET packing belt?

- Sep 04, 2017-

Packaging with packing belt (strapping) Department of polyethylene, polypropylene resin, cold-rolled strip as the main raw material, but also to nylon and polyester as raw materials, the extrusion made by one-way stretch, heat treatment made of blue The In addition to the corrugated box for the sealing, hot-rolled steel strapping, cold-rolled steel bundles, but also bundled glass, pipe, material, fruit and so on.

Production Process:

PP (PET) raw materials + Color Masterbatch evenly through the high temperature melting out. After drying through the nest after drying at high temperature. Wrap into a packed belt.

The difference between PP packing tape and PET packing belt:

Ø  Packing tape by material classificationPP packing belt, PET packing belt.

Ø  Sort by color: PP packing belt(clear, yellow, white, other); PET packing belt(green, black, other)

Ø  Sort by press: PP packing tape can do monochrome printing; PET packing tape can not be printed.

Ø  According to the weight of each volume: PP generally not less than 7.5KG; PET packing tape is usually 18KG per roll.

Ø  Sort by price: The PET packing belt price is higher than PP packing belt price.

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The picture of packing belt as bellows:

PP packing belt: 06.jpgPET packing belt: 54.jpg54.jpg

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