Talking about PET packing tape

- May 16, 2018-

Environmental protection packaging materials. Since 2002, the demand for PET packaging tape in China has increased at a rate of 500% per year. It is now widely used in wood, paper, steel, aluminum ingots, steel pipes, profiles, glass, building materials, ceramics, electrical appliances, and metal products. , tobacco, chemical fiber, cotton and other occupations. The appearance is bright, and it is not bright after participating in the adhesion-enhancing agent, and the appearance is flat or with prismatic markings.

(1) According to the appearance of the package

Embossed PET strap.

Flat PET strap.

(2) According to the appearance color of packing belt

Colorless bright PET strap.

Green, black and other colors of PET strap.

(3) According to the packing tape tension intensity

Grade H (ie more than 441N per square millimeter) PET strap.

Grade M (ie, 408N per square millimeter or more) PET strap.

Grade L (ie, 343N per square millimeter or more) PET strap.

(4) According to the packing strap lap (without hot melt) intensity

Bonding force ≥ 70% PET strapping (without additives).

Bonding force ≥ 90% PET strapping (additives).

(5) According to the packing points used

Fully automatic PET strapping.

Non-buckle straps for electric and pneumatic portable packers.

Manual baler with buckle strap.

5, color

According to the needs of users can produce a variety of bright or non-transparent packaging.

6, production process

PET packaging belt production process: Ingredients mix - dry material - heating ablation - extrusion into water to form the embryo - heat stretching and forming - heating and cooling (styling process) - winding - packaging - into Library.

7. Standards and Technical Parameters of PET Packing Belts

Stretching cracking load, PET packing belt according to the equal sectional area of the tensile cracking load value, divided into H, M, L three levels from the indicated high, medium and low three levels.

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