The advantages of paper corner protection

- May 24, 2018-

1, paper protection angle can be bundled together to make the overall package more solid and strong.

2, the goods fixed on the tray, can play a role in protecting the product and its edges.

3. Protect and support the product during handling.

4, can be tailored according to the customer's different specifications and requirements. It can play a role in reinforcing the trays during the transportation of the goods, so as to avoid damage to the corners of the edges during the handling, packing and transportation of the goods. Its material is made by bonding cardboard laminates so it can be recycled and recycled. And in the export container can be fumigation-free, cost savings, widely used.

5, to provide a solid package for pallet transport: paper corner protects any cargo loaded on the tray for corner protection, it is used together with the strap (or membrane), so that the original loose and fragmented cartons, plates, Metal pipes, electronic components, and other items become a solid whole, preventing cargo from falling and collapsing. Another big advantage of paper corner protection is that it is very convenient to release the packaging, as long as you cut the strapping or tie-in film.

6, to prevent external damage: If the use of paper corner protection is only to protect the surface, without reinforcement, the thickness of 3mm can be, the size can be determined by the size of the corner, in order to reduce costs, you can also use some small The corner protection is damaged due to tight corners of the strap.

7, increase the stacking pressure of the carton: the paper corner on the four corners of the carton, can enhance the stacking strength of the carton, play a buffering role in the impact of the outside, you can also stack the carton without squeezing inside Items.

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