The main function and use of double-sided tape

- Sep 05, 2017-

     Sided tape is a paper, cloth, plastic film as the substrate, and then the elastic type pressure-sensitive adhesive or resin-type pressure-sensitive adhesive evenly coated on the substrate made of the roll-like adhesive tape, Adhesive, release paper (film) three parts. According to the glue can be divided into solvent-based adhesive tape (oily double-sided adhesive), emulsion-type adhesive tape (water-based double-sided adhesive), hot-melt adhesive tape, rolling adhesive tape, reactive adhesive tape

Usuage;Mingban, stationery, electronics, car edge decoration fixed, footwear, paper, handicrafts paste positioning and other purposes. Hot melt double-sided adhesive is mainly used in stickers, stationery, office and so on. Oily double-sided adhesive is mainly used in leather goods, Zhenzhu Mian, sponge, shoes and other high-viscosity aspects. Embroidery double-sided adhesive is mainly used in computer embroidery.

Type:Sided double-sided tape, 

     double-sided tape, 

     double-sided tape Glass cloth tape, 

     PET double-sided tape, 

     foam double-sided tape, 

     used in all walks of life in the production process.


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