What are the advantages of packing belt?

- Jun 14, 2018-

    As our life pace is getting faster and faster, many white-collar workers often move because of work. Everyone will have a few books that they like. When they move, they often see bundles of books tied up with straps. More and more people use strapping. Then the question is, what advantages does the packing belt have for people to love it?

    1, strong tensile strength, both steel-like tensile strength, but also the impact of the ductility, and better ensure the safety of product transportation.

    2, the extension is small, elongation is only one-sixth of the polypropylene belt, can maintain tension for a long time.

    3, strong temperature resistance, melting point of 260 degrees, 120 degrees below the use of deformation.

    4, security is good, no steel belt rust contamination of the bundle of objects, color bright and Kam.

    5, good economic efficiency, 1 ton PET strapping length is equivalent to 6 tons of steel strip, the price per meter is more than 40% lower than the strip, can reduce costs for the user.


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