What is the advantages of pp package belt?

- Sep 22, 2017-

PP packaging belt is one of the most frequently used in packing with the packer.With its strong market share.It has always been the leader in packing field but many users just know how to use pp packaging belt, Do you know the  characteristics of the PP packing belt? Below Chengxing share the advantages of pp package with you .


1, Before the production, the raw materials have been processed, making the packaging out with a more flexible elasticity,Effectively reduce the wear caused by the baler when using them.


2, Both sides of the edge with line-like texture after embossing, It can effectively increase the friction between the bundles and increase the tightness of binding. Let the goods not be scattered when transporting.


3, The specifications and colors can be changed in the production process.



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Doris Huang

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