What is the bearing capacity of the stretch wrap?

- Sep 06, 2019-

What is the bearing capacity of the stretch wrap?

Wrap the goods and keep the packaged goods in tension for a long time without loosening. As a new type of packaging material. The packaging market in China is rapidly emerging. Do you know what is the load effect force of the stretch wrap?

Under a small temperature difference, the temperature load has little effect on the stress field of the stretch wrap. It is negligible. Thermal expansion and heat transfer are equivalent to applying a small compressive stress on the upper end surface. Cold shrinkage is equivalent to applying a small amount on the upper surface. The tensile stress can be calculated using the equivalent stress if the temperature effect is to be considered. Under the static load, the tensile stress of the stretch wrap is transferred. The maximum radial and circumferential tensile stress are transferred from the center to the edge. The stiffener is the concentrated area of tensile stress, and the end of the rib connected to the stiffener. It is mainly subjected to tensile stress, and the other end connected to it is mainly subjected to compressive stress.

The most basic function of stretch wrap packaging is to protect the product from various external forces. A commodity must go through a number of circulations before it can enter a shopping mall or other place, and eventually reach the hands of consumers. During this period, it needs to go through loading, unloading, transportation, inventory, display, sales and other links. Stretch wrap  have all the characteristics of ordinary PE bags and anti-static. The material feels softer and the thickness can be adjusted freely. stretch wrap is widely used in general electronic products such as printed circuit boards.

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