What is the key technology of PVC tape coating production?

- May 06, 2019-

What is the key technology of PVC tape coating production?

PVC tape is a new type of material made of PVC film. It has excellent electrical insulation, sealing, wear resistance, flame retardation, acid and alkali chemical corrosion resistance and other properties, widely used in the ship's packaging industry, construction industry, electronics industry, automotive manufacturing and coal mining. At present, the machine speed of PVC tape coating production line in China is usually 5m/min -25 m/min. With a single coating method, the production efficiency, surface quality and economic benefits are limited. Due to the full consideration of the characteristics of PVC tape, advanced surface glue comma blade measurement combined with adhesive water mesh roller composite coating method is proposed, and the advantages of the two coating methods are fully utilized, which can reduce or eliminate the influence of deflection. At the same time, the scraper can be applied to a uniform coating with uniform thickness and no stripes, and a good surface quality can be obtained. In order to obtain the quality of the product, the large temperature control range of the segmented drying system is adopted. Finally, a large number of experiments were carried out to optimize the optimum coating process and the main operating parameters of the production line.

PVC tape coating production line by automatic discharge machine, discharge cutting cloth frame, pre-heat heating roller, press wheel bottom coating machine, glue drying box, bottom frame, plastic cooling wheel set, comma blade surface coating machine, suction machine, rubber drying box and frame, Plastic surface cooling wheel set, EPC, automatic calibration device, automatic electronic control system, canvas and transmission system, machine and surface storage reel, etc..

Production line operation

Using the above designed production lines and operating parameters, the operation is as follows:

(1) The maximum mechanical speed of the production line is 5.0 m/m I N, and the production speed is generally 15 m/m I n-35 m/min.

(2) The coating is coated with a composite coating with a uniformity of plus or minus 0.002 mm.

(3) The drying system is equipped with an automatic temperature controller. The temperature control valve and the temperature control valve are controlled by PLC. The temperature of the drying furnace is stable at a set temperature.

(4) Adopt automatic AC frequency conversion control system to achieve continuous production to ensure the normal operation of the production line and the consistency of product quality.

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