Do You Have The Correct Use Of Plastic Wrap

- Sep 09, 2019-

Do you have the correct use of cling film?

When it comes to plastic wrap, we are very familiar, because it is almost a must-have item in the kitchen.

Most of the plastic wrap and plastic bags that we have seen on the market today are made by polymerization of vinyl masterbatch as a raw material. The classification of cling film is also determined by the difference in vinyl masterbatch.

The plastic wrap on the market can be divided into three categories: one is polyethylene, referred to as PE, and is mostly used for food packaging, such as films wrapped in vegetables bought from supermarkets, plastic bags for snacks, etc.; The class is polyvinyl chloride, abbreviated as PVC. This plastic wrap has high transparency, strong viscosity and good toughness. It is mostly used in packaging films for bulk foods in supermarkets and packaging films for semi-finished products in large stalls, but it may bring certain benefits to the human body. The third category is polyvinylidene chloride, referred to as PVDC, which is usually made into ham outer packaging bags, cooked outer packaging boxes, and some disposable tableware.

We all know that if fresh fruits and vegetables are not eaten in time, even some of the nutrients in the refrigerator will be lost. At this time, it can be wrapped with plastic wrap, so the loss of water and nutrients will be greatly reduced, and the food in the refrigerator can be prevented from scenting each other. If the rotten fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator are wrapped by plastic wrap, it can also be isolated. The role.

Misunderstanding of cling film

However, not all fruits and vegetables can be preserved with plastic wrap, such as radish, cucumber, and beans wrapped in plastic wrap, not only can not keep fresh, and even the original nutrients in the food will be lost. Not only that, but if the cling film is used improperly, it will have many adverse effects. For example, when the freshly cooked hot dish is covered with plastic wrap, it will lead to accelerated loss of vitamin C in the dish, and if the high temperature or fat food contact with plastic wrap, especially PVC cling film, it may increase the PVC wrap film. Plasticizers are absorbed by the body with oil, which is harmful to the human body.

Although cling film has brought great convenience to our lives, we must also pay attention to the harm it may bring. When purchasing cling film, try to choose the products produced by regular manufacturers, and the use of cling film should also be standardized.

When we use plastic wrap in our life, it is easy to make the cling film stick to each other and it is difficult to separate them. In the face of this situation, you can store the plastic wrap in the refrigerator and take it out when you use it. You will find that it is much easier to peel off each layer of film. This is because the material of the wrap film temporarily loses some stickiness when it is refrigerated, and the air-conditioning also reduces the annoying static electricity between the films; at the same time, the molecular composition of the plastic wrap film also changes under low temperature conditions.

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