Heat Shortening Film Production Process

- May 07, 2019-

The shrink film can be seen almost everywhere, with many people not knowing what is the shrink film, what looks like, today I will tell you what is the shrink film, the production process of heat shrink film.let's take a look!

The heat-shrinkable film is a thermoplastic film which is stretched and oriented during the production process and which is shortened by heat during use. As early as 1936, the thermal shortening of the film was used, and the first use of rubber film to shorten the packaging of perishable food.

The outer packing of beverage product is heat-shrinkable film

Heat shortening film

Production process

Shortening the production of the film generally uses extrusion blow molding or extrusion casting to produce a thick film, and then longitudinal and transverse stretching at a high elastic temperature above the softening temperature and below the melting temperature, perhaps only in between The orientation is stretched in one direction and not stretched in the other direction. The former is called a biaxial stretching shortening film, and the latter is called a unidirectional shortening film. When used, the packaged goods are wrapped with a shortening force at a temperature greater than or near the stretching temperature.

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