How To Identify The Quality Of Color Tape

- May 06, 2019-

In ordinary life, the tape is very common, and the bright color of the color tape is unforgettable, but how to distinguish the quality when purchasing the color tape?

How to identify the quality of color tape! There are many types of color sealing tapes, sizes, types, lengths and types. How can we distinguish between good and bad, how to distinguish the quality of color tape? For color tapes, it is convenient for marking and occlusion. Generally, beige and khaki are more considered by people to be the color of the film. In fact, the color is the color of the glue. It will be fastened and then quickly opened to pull the plastic side and see the purity and transparency of the original film. The most important thing is to see the thickness of the glue. If there is no glue to open or pull, the glue is a large amount of impurities, and the glue does not aggregate. Second, too much water, has been unstable, this time the tape has been strongly reduced, insisted on the beginning, feeling able to distinguish. Printing tape

Apply yellow tape to the object. The better the glue, the better the quality. The tape is compared in appearance, the plastic is less, and the whole volume of dark tape is doped. After the tape is pulled high, the light transmittance is high. Good tape has a whole color volume and a little chromatic aberration after opening, because good sealing tape has a strong shielding and no color superposition. The impregnated doped low-quality tape makes the impurities on the BOPP film only use the relatively backward direct glue method, so there are often a large number of impurity particles that do not completely dissolve the card cutter, so the tape often has no glue in use. The place.


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