How To Make Stretch Winding Film

- Apr 30, 2019-

Stretch winding film is a kind of packaging method which is very popular in the world because of the deformation stress caused by mechanical stretching device or manual stretching of the film at room temperature to wrap the goods tightly and facilitate transportation and storage. 

Adopt imported resin and advanced flow diffractive film extrusion production process. 

It has the characteristics of good tensile properties, tear resistance, strong penetration resistance, high transparency, good self-viscosity and high retraction rate, compact packaging, will not be loose and so on. 

It can be widely used in chemical raw materials, chemical fertilizers, food, mechanical and electrical products, light textile products and other single or pallet packaging and other binding packaging. 

PE winding film is a kind of industrial film products, which has high tensile strength, high elongation, good self-viscosity, high transparency and so on. 

For manual winding film, can also be used for machine winding film, can be widely used in the centralized packaging of all kinds of goods. 

PE winding film is mainly made of several different grades of polyolefin resin mixed and extruded, with puncture resistance, super strength and high performance, winding and packaging the goods stacked on the supporting plate, so that the packaging is more stable and neat, and has a stronger waterproof effect. 

It is widely used in foreign trade export, papermaking, hardware, plastic chemical industry, building materials, food and medicine industry. 

PE cutting and winding film: it is made of high quality LLDPE as substrate, plus high quality tackifier, heated, extruded, cast, and then cooled by cooling roller. 

The utility model has the advantages of strong toughness, high elasticity, tear resistance, high viscosity, thin thickness, cold resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, dust prevention, waterproof, one-sided adhesion and double-sided adhesion, etc., and can save materials, labor and time in use, 

It is widely used in papermaking, logistics, chemical industry, plastic raw materials, building materials, food, glass and so on


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