How To Test The Viscosity Of Adhesive Tape

- Oct 10, 2019-

There are some scotch tapes that are not sticky? Some tapes are very sticky when touched by hand. As a result, the sealing effect is not good. Always open it yourself. Any scotch tape of the same quality is the same quality?

This is a problem with glue. The hand feels very sticky. This is a good initial adhesion. After sticking it, it jumps open and it is not good. The initial adhesion and the holding force are inversely proportional, that is, the sticky tape is sticky to the hand and the adhesion is poor.

Glue generally has a high solid content and good viscosity. The general solid content commonly used in the market is about 50. If the viscosity is good, it is best to use 52 solid content. But the price may vary by 200 yuan a ton. The thickness of the glue is also related. Generally, the thickness of the glue is about 20-22. The thinner the viscosity is, the worse the viscosity will be. The drying temperature depends on the actual operation and the speed of the machine.

Generally, the transparent tape is made of OPP film glue. Its initial adhesion and holding strength are not good. Its biggest feature is that it is cheap. It is recommended not to pull too tightly, because the film will be stretched, so that when the glue is not sticky, it will rebound. In addition, you can seal the back of the seal with a scissors knife back or a utility knife. The tape is bonded to the paper more firmly so that it does not easily collapse.

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