PP And PE Continued To Fall,BOPP Has Struggled To Stabilize Stop Falling

- Jun 07, 2019-

The price of PP and PE continued to fall sharply, and BOPP has struggled to stabilize stop falling

On June 5, the domestic PP market declined steadily, and prices in some regions still fell by 50-100 yuan/ton. On June 5, the goods fluctuated within a narrow range, and the suppression of the spot was weakened. However, some petrochemical plants still have to make up for the decline, while the follow-up confidence of the operators is low, and the low-end shipping intention is strong, coupled with the low price of some new products in the market. Impact, on June 5, the mainstream market price is still at the bottom, and the price is lowered. Downstream terminal pick-up intentions are sluggish, and the overall trading volume in East China and South China is weak, and the overall market is weak. The mainstream price of drawing in North China market is 8300-8400 yuan/ton, the mainstream price of drawing in East China market is 8250-8350 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of drawing in South China market is 8300-8500 yuan/ton.

Forecast: On June 5, the goods continued to fall, and the spot market fell steadily. Looking at the market outlook, the operating pressure of the polypropylene market is still relatively large. On the one hand, the market is emotionally weak and the state of mind is fragile. The short-term futures market has a high probability of continuing weakness, and continues to suppress the formation of spot. On the other hand, the maintenance is reduced and the equipment is put into production, but the demand is still sluggish. The short-term supply and demand are still unbalanced. The impact of the new low-cost resources on the market is relatively large. The petrochemical price-cutting attitude is clear, and the buyer’s low-cost shipment intention exists. Both suppress the price. Zhuo Chuang expects the PP market to continue its weak decline on June 6. Taking the East China market as an example, the mainstream price of drawing is expected to be 8250-8300 yuan / ton.


On June 5, domestic PE market prices continued to fall. Some parts of North China fell 50 yuan/ton linearly, some high pressures fell 50-100 yuan/ton, low-pressure parts fell 50-100 yuan/ton, and individual wire drawing fell 150 yuan/ton. Membrane material fell 50 yuan / ton, part of the pipe fell 150 yuan / ton; East part of the linear drop 50-80 yuan / ton, part of the high pressure fell 50 yuan / ton, low pressure individual varieties fell 50-80 yuan / ton; South China partial linear Drop 50 yuan / ton, part of the high pressure fell 50-100 yuan / ton, low pressure part of the hollow, injection molding and film material fell 50-100 yuan / ton. Futures continued to be weak, and some petrochemicals continued to cut the ex-factory price. The market was more pessimistic and more merchants followed. Downstream replenishment is more cautious and requires more purchases. The domestic LLDPE price is 7650-7900 yuan / ton.

Forecast: On June 5, the linear futures oscillated lower, damaging the market, and the petrochemical company lowered the ex-factory price. The market lost its cost support and the merchants fell. Due to the low margins in the early stage of the previous period, the current willingness to get goods is not high, and the petrochemical inventories are slow to slow down. As the later maintenance devices are started, the supply pressure will be further aggravated. Zhuochuang expects that the domestic PE market will continue to be weak on June 6, and the mainstream price of LLDPE is 7600-7850 yuan/ton.


On June 5, the domestic PVC market continued to be sluggish, trading was dull, participants were in a bad state of mind, and futures prices were lower. The spot merchants had higher cost of holding goods and some lost shipments, but the terminal procurement enthusiasm was not good, and the prices continued to loosen. . The price of PVC in East China continued to decline. The participants' mentality was not good. The futures fell. Traders followed the market price. The traditional price was lowered by 50 yuan/ton. The price of some points was low, and the downstream purchase was weak. The trading was not good. The mainstream transaction price is 6650-6750 yuan / ton. East China ethylene PVC market consolidation operation, the transaction is dominated, Qilu 1000 East China sent to 6900 yuan / ton, 700 type delivery price is 7,000 yuan / ton, large part of the supply at 7,000 yuan / ton, its source price At 7050 yuan / ton. The PVC market in Guangzhou has a dull atmosphere, poor demand, weak transactions and loose prices. Ordinary type 5 electric stone material mainstream 6740-6780 yuan / ton from mentioning, point source supply is slightly lower. The price of vinyl materials followed the decline, the mainstream 6850-6950 yuan / ton from the mention, the big 沽 700/800 type reported 6880 yuan / ton, the big 沽 1000 type reported 6900 yuan / ton from mention. The PVC market in North China has a flat atmosphere, stable supply, general shipments and loose prices. The mainstream of Shandong is 6700-6770 yuan/ton, and the mainstream of Hebei market is 6650-6700 yuan/ton.

Forecast: At present, the macro performance is not good. The manufacturing indexes of several major economies in the world are not optimistic. The global interest rate cuts are gradually opening. The domestic commodity market performance is not volatile on June 5, and the PVC atmosphere is still not good and weak. The spot market lacks bright spots and continues to fall. The business mentality is not good. It is expected that the PVC market will still fluctuate at a low level on June 6. It is expected that the East China 5 type electric stone will be raised at 6650-6750 yuan/ton, and South China will be raised at 6740-6780. yuan / tonne.


On June 5, domestic BOPP stopped falling and stabilized, and the firm transaction focused on negotiation. Thick film East China mainstream 9900-10100 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day was flat, the chain was lower 600 yuan / ton, lower than 500 yuan / ton; North China 10000-10300 yuan / ton; South China 10000-10300 yuan / ton . The retail market has a high price to make up, the thick film does not contain the value-added tax Yiwu 9600-9700 yuan / ton, the tide is 9700 yuan / ton, Hebei 9800 yuan / ton, Henan 9700 yuan / ton; tax-containing Tongcheng fell to 10,500 yuan / ton, Qingdao It fell two hundred and ten thousand yuan / ton. The BOPP market has a clear wait-and-see atmosphere, and the trading volume is still general. From the transaction price, North China 9750-10100 yuan / ton, East China 9750-10100 yuan / ton, South China 9750-10300 yuan / ton. Local lower prices are still heard, but trading is still not active.

Forecast: The international oil price rebounded slightly, giving the market a limited boost. PP futures fluctuated widely, petrochemical factories made up for individual declines, spot prices stopped falling and stabilized; BOPP market users were mostly wait and see, the real disk just needed to purchase, and the amount of delivery was insufficient. Zhuo Chuang expects that the domestic BOPP price will be weakly arranged near the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, and the actual transaction will focus on profit, and the price fluctuation will be 9700-10300 yuan/ton.

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