Supply Printing Sealing Tape, Printing Sealing Tape

- Jul 25, 2019-

Target market, global

Place of Origin, Guangdong, China

Material, BOPP

Environmental protection, SGS

Certification, ISO 14001:2004 ISO 9001:2008

product manual

The tape is made of polypropylene film (BOPP) and refined with superior water-based acrylic glue.

The product has initial adhesion, peeling force, strong adhesion, no discoloration, no deterioration, and good cold resistance.

Anti-aging, non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, the products meet the environmental standards of the EU national packaging materials.

The product is suitable for sealing, packaging, bundling and fixing.

According to the needs of customers, we can print all kinds of patterns or texts in one color or multi-color printing. It is a self-promotion display for enterprises, special for anti-counterfeiting, clear patterns, bright colors and never fade.

The company promises to give you detailed quotation descriptions and product information in a quick time; promise to customize the products you request in a short time.

The company's procurement through the factory, large-quantity procurement of various raw materials and other measures to reduce the company's cost, and to ensure that the product quality and cheap, and effectively the advantages of our company's scale effect directly benefit customers.

The products sold by the company are all partially paid for. Larger or long-term cooperative customers can enjoy more affordable prices and VIP-like services.

My company's slogan "Because of the focus, so professional", our company will continue to exhaust the efforts of all the staff of the company to produce quality products for you. Welcome new and old customers call us!

Product parameters


Polypropylene film (BOPP)


transparent, yellow, red, blue, green, brown, etc.


12mm15mm 18mm 23mm 35mm 45mm 48mm 50mm 55mm

60mm70mm 72mm 75mm







Initial adhesion


Tensile force

≥360N / 25MM

Peeling force

≥25N / 25MM



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