The Arrival Process For Judging The Quality Of PP Packing Straps

- Jun 06, 2019-

The arrival process for judging the quality of PP packing straps is as follows:

(1) Appearance of packing tape: Machine packing tape should have good toughness. Machine PP packing tape should be folded repeatedly, which is easy to break if its toughness is not good. The pattern problem, the pattern must be beautiful, do not appear bias situation.

(2) Color of packing tape: The machine PP packing tape on the market is generally white (other colors should be bright) with better quality, because it is not easy to mix old materials.

(3) Gloss of packing tape: Machine packing tape should have gloss, such packing tape is generally made of all materials. The tension is stable. There will be a discount on the gloss of the baler with flour.

(4) Size judgment of packing tape: The width and width error of packing tape are generally positive or negative 0.3mm. In the production of such packing machine belt, the discharging material is uniform, and the quality is relatively uniform, and there will be no good or bad situation.

(5) Judging by the cross-section of the packing straps: some of the packing straps is new material outside, and the filling material in the middle (very poor). As long as you cut the section, you can see that the black center inside is poor quality.

The color problem of the packing machine belt, the different grade of the packing machine belt is hard to say. Transparent baler belt is the best baler belt at present. The quality of the packer belt depends entirely on the purity of polypropylene. The higher the purity of polypropylene, the better the tension of the packer belt.

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