The Special Features Of Transparent Sealing Tape And Its Advantages

- May 06, 2019-

The transparent packaging tape is also a kind of tape during use. It is common in wholesale. It mainly uses two-way tensile polypropylene film as the main substrate during operation, and it is produced efficiently. The transparent sealed thickness tape is thin and the price is better.

The transparent packaging tape is transparent and beautiful, the entire product is non-toxic, odorless, double-sided adhesive, good safety, very convenient to use, high efficiency, the product has a certain buffer strength, shrinkage rate during use, puncture effect is good tear resistance, goodtear resistance .

The transparent packing tape is very suitable for use in long-distance heavy cargo transportation, so that the safety of the goods can be effectively guaranteed to a certain extent. For the purpose, the products are mainly used for sealing, sealing and packing during use.

The use of transparent sealed tape in modern society is very large. It mainly uses its own advantages to be its close relationship. When it is used, its product fixation ability is very strong. Even if only the pressure is small, it can effectively be firmly glued to the workpiece.

The transparent sealing tape is also easy to fall off the tape when used. There will be no stretching and dragging. The elastic force used in the use of the product is very strong and can complete the change in the shape of the curve. High-quality sealed tape does not have bulges.

The material on the back of thetransparent sealing tape is still blocked in the use of solvent penetration effects. The product is very smooth with the hand touch. When you push the hand hard, do not stimulate, but we need to note that the high temperature environment is very unsuitable for storing the tape. If the temperature is too high, the adhesive tape will become very soft, affecting the use.

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