Full Kraft Paper Board Protector L Shape

Full Kraft Paper Board Protector L Shape


Product Details

Full Kraft Paper Board Protector L Shape

Why choose Kraft Paper Board Protector ?

1.    Manufacturers Advantages:

· Protect their products from the available beams together so that the overall package more solid.

· Fixed on pallets of goods

· Can serve to protect products and their marginal role

· Protect and support products in the course of the removal

2.     Benefits:

· Reduction in Product Damage - less chance of product being crushed during shipping and storage.

· Increased Load Stability - maximum strapping tension can be used without crushing product.

· Improved Shipping & Handling - allows more product to be placed on pallets, reducing handling costs and increasing warehouse and shipping space.

· Increased Profits - reduced product damage means less rejection of product by customers.

· Can be used with nails, staples and screws.

· Sturdy and reusable.



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