Cast Stretch Film Manufacturing Machinety

Cast Stretch Film Manufacturing Machinety

PE Stretch Film Shenzhen Chengxing Packing & Material Co.,Ltd is one of the best manual stretch film manufacturers, welcome to import cheap manual stretch film from our factory. Quick Details Material: LLDPE, 100% virgin raw material Type: Wrap Film Usage: Packaging Film Feature: Moisture...

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Q: I have purchased a stretch film and want to buy the same specifications as before. But I don't know the original specifications. What should I do?


A: We are professional. Just tell us the weight, width and thickness of your original stretch film. We can help you calculate the specifications you need.


 Stretch film is made of pvc as the substrate, which is also called pvc stretch film or stretch film, which is widely used in product packaging.


Q: Is there any other name for stretch film?


A: Yes, stretch film has other names depending on the application: wrapping film, packing film, tray film, shrink film, etc.


  The stretch film is mainly made of plastic, and it is still undergoing continuous reform for the development of the current environmental protection concept. At present, the material is extended to LLDPE, including C4, C6, C8 and metallocene PE. From the single layer, to the current two and three layers, it is more durable.131963.png



The company uses a wrap film packaging model with automatic packaging and manual packaging. Automatic packaging requires a film width sufficient to cover the tray. The shape of the tray is regular, so it has its own shape and is suitable for film thickness of 17-35μm. Manual packaging is the simplest type of wrap film package. The film is mounted on a rack or held by hand, rotated by the tray or the film is wound around the tray. It is mainly used for repackaging after the packaged tray is damaged, and for ordinary tray packaging. This packaging speed is slow and the suitable film thickness is 15-20 μm.



However, with the development of the times, the wrapping film packaging has undergone new changes. With the stretch film winding machine package, the tray rotates or the film rotates around the tray, and the film is fixed on the bracket to move up and down, about 15-18 disks per hour. . This packaging capacity is large, and the suitable film thickness is about 15-25 μm.

Regardless of how it develops, the use of stretch film is indispensable in the enterprise. In the future development direction, it is necessary to make the stretch film more economical and environmentally friendly, so that it can be better applied to social development!

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