Pallet Stretch Film Transparent

Pallet Stretch Film Transparent

Shenzhen Chengxing Packing & Material Co.,Ltd is one of the best mini stretch film manufacturers, welcome to import cheap mini stretch film from our factory. Quick Details Material: PE Type: Stretch Film Usage: Packaging Film Feature: Moisture Proof Hardness: Soft Processing Type: Multiple...

Product Details

Quick Details

  • Material: PE

  • Type: Stretch Film

  • Usage: Packaging Film

  • Feature: Moisture Proof

  • Hardness: Soft

  • Processing Type: Multiple Extrusion

  • Transparency: Transparent

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: OEM

  • Model Number: CX-HL-373

  • Width: 100mm-1800mm

  • Length: By order

  • Thickness: 15mic-50mic

  • Color: Transparent, Black,White etc


Widely used in: food, medicine, disinfection tableware, cultural and sports articles, craft gifts, printed matter, hardware and plastic products, telephones, electronic appliances and other products of the outer packaging, especially in the combination of irregular physical goods or goods ( In terms of packaging, it can not only meet the functions of moisture-proof, dust-proof, touch-proof, transparent display, but also increase the attractiveness of the product. It can also be used to replace various types of paper boxes, which not only saves packaging costs, but also meets packaging trends. The shrink film (bag) can be processed into: shaped bags such as flat pockets, arc-shaped bags, trapezoidal bags, and three-dimensional bags.


(1) Reducing atmospheric pollution: As the thickness of the pre-stretched stretch film is significantly thinner, the use of the same goods in the package is also significantly reduced, resulting in a reduction in total transportation volume, thereby reducing transportation energy consumption and exhaust emissions, and reducing The pollution of the atmospheric environment.

(2) Reduce the amount of waste handled

When the same goods are packaged, the amount of the pre-stretched stretched film is remarkably reduced, so that the amount of recycled treatment for the wound film is also reduced by about 50%.

(3) Recycling: Green and environmentally-friendly film, which can be recycled 100% in the factory by using general recycling equipment. It can reduce environmental pollution and save recycling packaging costs.

(4) Reducing the overall packaging cost: replacing the traditional stretch-wound film with a green film, the amount of use is significantly reduced, so the cost of use, transportation cost and storage space cost are reduced.

(5) Easy to use and high work efficiency: Due to the green and environmentally-friendly film, the pre-stretching technology is used, which is quite labor-saving to use, and the special packaging machine and special packaging space are available for men, women and children. At the same weight, the length of each roll of this green stretch film is more than double the length of each roll of the ordinary stretch film, which can reduce the frequency of film roll replacement during packaging, and in terms of transportation, packaging and distribution. It also saves costs.

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