PE Stretch Film High Quality High Tear Strength Pallet Packing

PE Stretch Film High Quality High Tear Strength Pallet Packing

PE Stretch Film High quality High Tear Strength Pallet Packing

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    I believe that everyone wants to know the quality of the stretch film, so what kind of quality is good? Today, our Xiaobian will share with you the characteristics of the stretched film quality. I believe that everyone can better choose after understanding. Let's take a look at it together.

    The characteristics of the stretched film quality are as follows:

  1. Stretching: Stretching is the ability of the stretched film to produce elastic elongation after being pulled. If the quality is good, the length will be extended after stretching, and within a certain limit, it will not be broken. This is a feature of its own, with such tensile properties, in order to better package the goods.

2. Self-adhesive: Self-adhesive refers to the adhesion after contact between the wound films. This property can make the packaged articles fast and not loose during the stretching and wrapping process and after wrapping. Self-adhesive is affected by many external factors, such as humidity, dust and pollutants. This is also an important indicator to test its quality.

3. Toughness: Toughness refers to the comprehensive performance of the film against puncture and tear resistance. The hazard value of the degree of tear resistance must be transverse, ie perpendicular to the direction of operation of the machine, as tearing in this direction will loosen the package and the package will remain secure even if it is torn longitudinally. Therefore, the better the toughness of the stretched film, the better the quality.



 Q: You are using stretch film for machine use. Do you have a machine that uses stretch film?


Answer: Because the machine stretch film is used together with the stretch film, we have developed a one-day machine production line, and we have a stretch film machine for sale.




Q: What is a mini stretch film?


A: The mini stretch film is relatively small, and there is an extended core at one end for easy use. The shape can be imagined as a larger grenades.








Q: How is the quality of your stretch film?


A: Our stretch film is of high quality and can be stretched to more than 3m in 1m.




   Regarding the problem of stretching the film, we all have some questions that we want to know. Today, our small series has encountered one: Can the yellow stretch film be used? Then let's take a look at the answer to this question and see what we need to know.

   In fact, strictly speaking, the stretched film is only colorless and color. The yellowish color is mainly caused by additives such as dov, color masterbatch or processing technology. If the color is light, the stretch rate and self-adhesiveness are not affected. If the color is not natural, the general quality will be very poor.

   Stretched film development to today's production process is very mature, some manufacturers will try to change the formula to produce different properties of stretch film, mainly reflected in three aspects: color, stretch rate and self-adhesive, a single color change is not necessarily Affect the use of stretched film, it is known that many times the melting temperature of the film is set, which will cause the change of the color of the stretched film, but it will not affect the transparency. This is a good stretch film, if the stretch rate and self The viscosity is degraded, which is a poor stretch film, which may be mixed with impurities.

   If the color of the stretched film is light yellow, but the transparency, stretch rate, self-adhesiveness have not changed, and there is no odor, it can be used. If the four indicators change, do not use it again.

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