Pe Stretch Film Trensperency Tensile Performence Best Quality

Pe Stretch Film Trensperency Tensile Performence Best Quality

PE Stretch Film Shenzhen Chengxing Packing & Material Co.,Ltd is one of the best manual stretch film manufacturers, welcome to import cheap manual stretch film from our factory. Quick Details Material: LLDPE, 100% virgin raw material Type: Wrap Film Usage: Packaging Film Feature: Moisture...

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During the process of making the PE protective film, corona treatment is generally performed, which causes the film to increase its surface area and carry static electricity, and then perform subsequent gluing work, so that the film and the glue can be well combined. .


Q: How long does it take to deliver the strap?


 A: The general delivery time is within 30 days. If it is more urgent, you can discuss it with us.



Q: Do you have a production strapping machine?

A: Yes, we also have strapping machines, semi-automatic, fully automatic, hand-operated.


   The PE protective film is effectively applied to the inner layer of the film. The main material of the PE protective film is that the EVA has a certain adsorption function when it is used, thereby realizing the entire adsorption function of the film. The electrostatic formula of these two kinds of electrostatic membranes is also different, and the quality and price of the products are different. The electrostatic film with the second lowest price will transfer the electrostatic components to the surface of the product, resulting in defective products and scrapping.


Q: How do you distinguish whether the strap I am using is pp or pet?


 A: The easiest way is to look at the surface of the strap. The smooth one is the pet strap, and the rough surface is the pp strap.



Q: Who is better in pet packing and pp packing?


 A: Both straps are of good quality, just because the materials are different.


    PE protective film is a kind of surface protective film that is more common in our daily life. Because of its good adhesiveness, docile and no residue, it is widely used in mobile phones, notebook computers, TV screen surfaces, lcd screens, etc. field.

    In the production process of PE protective film, the processing temperature of the barrel is appropriately increased and the method of polycooling is adopted. The transparency of the film can be increased. In fact, in order to produce a transparent PP film, a water quenching method must be used. For example, if air cooling is used, the produced PP inflation film is vague and translucent due to poor cooling effect. For this reason, an appropriate increase in processing temperature and high-efficiency cooling means in production are effective ways to improve transparency. A small amount of a polyacrylate resin excellent in transparency and compatibility with a PE protective film or a PP protective film is added.



   The raw material of PE protective film is LLDPE, which is soft in material and has certain stretchability. The thickness is generally 0.05MM-0.15MM, and the viscosity varies from 5G-500G depending on the use requirements. There are also electrostatic film and textured film under the protective film project of PE material. The electrostatic film is a kind of protective film with electrostatic adsorption force. It is a kind of protective film with no glue at all. Of course, the viscosity is relatively weak, and it is mainly used for surface protection such as electroplating.


 Q: Can pet straps print other colors?


 A: The pet strap can print all regular colors, such as transparent, white, green, etc.


 Q: How is the price of pet strapping calculated?


  A: The pet packing belt has a fixed density, so there are 3 specifications in length, thickness, width and weight, as well as the weight of your goods, we can give you a suitable price.

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