Shrink Wrap Colored Pe Cargo Protection Packing Best Quality

Shrink Wrap Colored Pe Cargo Protection Packing Best Quality

PE Stretch Film Shenzhen Chengxing Packing & Material Co.,Ltd is one of the best manual stretch film manufacturers, welcome to import cheap manual stretch film from our factory. Quick Details Material: LLDPE, 100% virgin raw material Type: Wrap Film Usage: Packaging Film Feature: Moisture...

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Causes of insufficient transparency of the stretch film

The transparency of the stretch film mainly refers to the requirements for quality indicators of plastic products such as seedling films, food packaging films, beverage bottles and lamps. Transparency is primarily characterized by the light transmission and haze of the article. A product with good transparency should have a light transmittance and a small haze. But sometimes there is an opaque state in the production process. So, what is the cause of insufficient transparency of the stretch film? Next, we will introduce you in detail:

1. The inlet temperature of the drying tunnel is too high or there is no temperature gradient. The inlet temperature is too high, and the drying is too fast, so that the solvent on the surface of the glue layer evaporates quickly, the surface is crusted, and then when the heat penetrates into the inside of the glue layer, the film is under the film. The solvent vaporizes and breaks through the film to form a ring like a volcanic vent. One turn and one turn also makes the wound film opaque.

2, rubber roller or scraper is defective, a certain point can not be pressed, forming a neutral, opaque.

3. There is too much dust in the ambient air of the wrapping film manufacturer, and there is dust in the hot air blown into the drying tunnel after the glue is applied. Adhesive on the surface of the adhesive layer, sandwiched between the two base films during compounding, there are many small points, resulting in opacity.

4. The amount of glue on the stretch film is insufficient, there is a blank space, and there is a small air bubble, which causes spot or opacity. The amount of glue should be checked to make it sufficient and uniform.

5. The non-expanding rubber roller or the rubber roller is not clean.



Q: Can I customize my product?


A: We can make the product according to your requirements.




Q: Can I print our own logo on my products.


A: Yes, We can print your logo on your products. Only we need you to supply your logo file in PDF or AI format.




Q: How much is the product?


A: Prices are determined by many factors such as material, style, size and etc. If you tell me the specific product requirements, we can offer the best price for you.




Q: What is the production time?


A: 15-25 days normal, it depends on the quantity. Please tell us the date you want, we could try our best to satisfy you.





 Stretch film technical indicators

Today, our small series to share with you the issue of the technical indicators of the production of the film, to see what is necessary to pay attention to us, I believe that you can make better production, let's take a look at it.

1. Stretch film has self-adhesiveness

Since the stretch wrap film is self-adhesive, the object is not easily scattered when the stretch film wraps the object. Of course, self-adhesiveness will also be affected by the outside world. Such as humidity, dust and pollutants. How to make his self-adhesive better? One is to process a smooth and shiny film; the other is to use a filler that increases adhesion to make the surface of the film moist, thereby improving adhesion.

2, stretch film stretchability

The film stretches after being pulled. If the stretching is increased, the film is thinned and the width is shortened. Longitudinal stretching is harmless, but excessive stretching is often undesirable. This will make the film thinner and tear, while increasing the tension applied to the package.

3, stretch film has toughness

Toughness is the comprehensive property of the film against puncture and tear resistance. The tear resistance refers only to the degree of tear resistance of the film after being subjected to tension and being puncture. The hazard value of the degree of tear resistance must be transverse, ie perpendicular to the direction of operation of the machine, as tearing in this direction will loosen the package and the package will remain secure even if it is torn longitudinally.

4. Stress retention of stretched film

Stress retention refers to the extent to which the tension applied to the film can be maintained during the stretch wrapping process.

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