Stretch Wrapping Film Clear High Tear Strength Best Quality

Stretch Wrapping Film Clear High Tear Strength Best Quality

PE Stretch Film Shenzhen Chengxing Packing & Material Co.,Ltd is one of the best manual stretch film manufacturers, welcome to import cheap manual stretch film from our factory. Quick Details Material: LLDPE, 100% virgin raw material Type: Wrap Film Usage: Packaging Film Feature: Moisture...

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    The machine wrapping film is a basic packaging material, which can evenly adhere the surface of the mechanical equipment, effectively avoiding the problem of equipment corrosion. In the production process of the stretched film, there is sometimes a problem that the stretched film product is insufficiently viscous, and several problems affecting the viscosity are described below.

  1. Effect of molecular weight on the viscosity of the wound film

   The molecular weight is different and the viscous properties will be different. The high molecular weight PIB is the film with higher final peel adhesion, but as the molecular weight of PIB increases, the lap adhesion will be attenuated; and if the molecular weight is too low, it will be easily volatilized. Causes the viscosity to remain too short. Therefore, the selection of a suitable molecular weight of PIB can be the best performance of the wound film. Studies have shown that a PIB with a number average molecular weight of about 1300 is used to increase the self-adhesiveness of the wound film.

2, the effect of the amount of addition on the viscosity of the film

   The viscosity of the stretch film is positively correlated with the amount of PIB added. However, after the addition of PIB exceeds 3%, the increase in the self-adhesiveness of the wrap film becomes insignificant. If the amount of PIB added is continuously increased, PIB will analyze the film on the surface of the film, resulting in uneven self-adhesiveness of the film, even the film. The volume is difficult to open. In order to ensure the final performance of the wound film and take into account the process of raw material cost, the amount of PIB added should be controlled between 1-3%.

 3, the effect of the storage temperature of the wound film on the viscosity

   The pulling speed of the PIB is related to the stored temperature, the ambient temperature is increased, the PIB removal speed is increased, and the viscosity is increased. Therefore, the stretch film should achieve the required viscosity, should be stored at a higher temperature, and generally prevent the use requirements after one week. However, long-term storage in the environment above 30 ° C, PIB will be a large number of precipitation, easy to produce film roll size or paper core out of the phenomenon, so after reaching the viscosity requirements, should be placed in the -15 ° C environment.




 Q: What are the specifications for stretch film cores?


Answer: The common specifications of stretch film cores are 1”, 2”, 3”, and special specifications are also available.






 Q: Can I buy a stretch film master roll?


A: The parent roll of the stretch film is also available for sale, and the parent roll is cheaper.




Q: What quality certification does your product have?


A: Our products are certified by SGS, ROHS, CTI, B.V, etc. The quality is assured.



Q: Is there a requirement for the length of the stretch film?


A: We can produce stretch film below 4000m, but we recommend you choose the common length of 300m and 500m.

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