2019 boutique launch bopp tape manufacturer

2019 boutique launch bopp tape manufacturer

Manufacturer of stretch wrap film, paper corner protector, packing tapes and more materials for over 13 years.

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2019 boutique launch bopp tape manufacturer



The main methods to judge the quality of tape are as follows:

First look at the thickness of tape paper tube. the thickness of standard paper tube is in 3mm.

Second,Look  at the diameter of the paper tube. the standard diameter is 7.8cm/2, smell the smell of the tape, if the smell is strong or smelly, it indicates that the quality is not good.

Check the surface of the tape, including whether the tape is sticky to the hand and whether there is a gap on both sides of the tape.

Good quality tape on both sides does not stick to the hands,And there's no gap.

Check whether there are bubbles on the surface of the tape. there will be no bubbles in the good quality tape coiled very tightly. of course, if it is a new factory tape, there may be a few bubbles.

Check the tension of the tape, if the tape is particularly easy to break, it is inferior.Good tape with a better transparent film is not easy to break.      

Knowledge of hot melt adhesives for raw material     

 Hot melt adhesive (Hot Glue) is a kind of plastic adhesive, its physical state changes with temperature in a certain temperature range, but its chemical properties remain unchanged, its non-toxic and tasteless, is an environment-friendly chemical product.

Because the product itself is solid, convenient for packaging, transportation, storage, solvent-free, pollution-free, non-toxic type; as well as simple production process, high added value, high bonding strength, high speed and other advantages, it is favored by human.


1: How about our background?

1). We are 100% 15 years OEM professional manufacturer, have advanced machines,professional team, efficient organization, well-deserved reputation.

2). Factory located in Dongguan City of Guangdong Province, 35 minutes by car from Guangzhou. Convenient transportation and highly-developed economy. It is adjacent to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Foshan, Hong Kong and Macao, and are close to Yantian and Skekou Port in Shenzhen.

3). Each Year, we will attend Canton Fair in April and Oct., and also come to another country to attend exhibition, such as been Germany, Franch, Amercian, Dubai, Turkey ect.,

2: How to guarantee our quality?

1). Before produce: send samples for checking.

2). During producing: send photos for producing.

3). Before shipment: customer's test company come to our factory to inspection of goods or we can send bulk production samples for checking.

4). After shipment: if there any problem about the packing tape, if it's our mistake, we will take responsible.

3: How about Packaging?

1). Can be printed customer's logo on the paper core and cartons.

2). Normal packaging, special packaing as your request, such as individual shrink with logo card, barcode lable, blister card or as request.

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