Bopp Packaging Tape With Non-toxic

Bopp Packaging Tape With Non-toxic

Manufacturer of stretch wrap film, paper corner protector, packing tapes and more materials for over 13 years.

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Bopp Packaging Tape With Non-toxic


   Printing tape manufacturers told us that when using tape, you should master some suitable techniques. For example, when tearing off the tape, it should be peeled off at an angle of about 90 degrees. The peeling force is relatively small. It will not easily cause damage to the printing tape.


    For its maintenance, choose a suitable storage environment, be sure to avoid the sun exposure and rainwater in the room temperature and dry environment, but also keep the storage environment dry, the room temperature is best kept at 0 At about 40 degrees, the viscosity of the printing tape will not be invalid. When storing, be sure to keep away from some chemical interferences, such as oxygen, bleach, plasticizers, etc., because these agents are severely corrosive. These factors can cause softening, curing or even loss of the printing tape under the influence of long-term effects. Sticky and so on.

1. Details


BOPP film and coated with water based acrylic adhesive.
hotmelt adhesive,solvent adhesive


From 28 mic to 100 mic , Normal: 40mic, 45mic, 48mic , 50mic etc.or as you required


From 4mm to 1280mm, Normal: 45mm, 48mm, 50mm, 72mm etc.or as you required


From 10m to 8000m, Normal: 50m,66m,100m,100y,300m,500m,1000m etc. or as you required


6rolls/shrink,36rolls/carton,72rolls/carton or as customer ' s requirement


clear, super clear,transparent, yellowish, ect, or as required



Offer printing, can be printed 1-6color mixed for logo


ISO9001:2008,SGS, BV

Delivery time

Depends on your quantity,usually  10-12 days after deposit received

Payment term:

30% deposit before production,70% by sigh of B/L

A faw popular size in globel market48mm x 50m/66m/100m/  -  Aisa
45mm/48mmx40m/50m/150--South Amerian
48mmx90y/500y--Iran, Middle East

Special size,color can be made according to customer ' s requirement 

Tape is very popular and supported by everyone in our daily life. It is an indispensable item in our life. In all kinds of tapes, how to choose good quality tape is the most important thing. Next, Wanshun Tape Factory will tell you how to pick out good tape!

1. I feel that the adhesiveness of the tape is not strong enough to meet your requirements.

2, to see if the tape has impurities, whether it is transparent plastic or double-sided adhesive, how long the impurities indicate the inferior quality of the tape;

3, put the tape under the nostrils to ask the smell, especially when choosing high-temperature tape, if the smell is stinky or very strong, the quality of the glue is not good, it is recommended not to buy;

4, the same specifications of high-temperature tape, should first look at the thickness of a single layer of adhesive tape and tape tensile strength, compared to the choice of tensile strength.

2. Usage/Features

Acrylic Glue Brown and Transparent BOPP Packing Adhesive Tape

Q: Can I customize my product?


A: We can make the product according to your requirements.


Q: Can I print our own logo on my products.


A: Yes, We can print your logo on your products. Only we need you to supply your logo file in PDF or AI format.


3. Production Process/Package/Shipping
Acrylic Glue Brown and Transparent BOPP Packing Adhesive Tape
Acrylic Glue Brown and Transparent BOPP Packing Adhesive Tape

Q: How much is the product?


A: Prices are determined by many factors such as material, style, size and etc. If you tell me the specific product requirements, we can offer the best price for you.


Q: What is the production time?


A: 15-25 days normal, it depends on the quantity. Please tell us the date you want, we could try our best to satisfy you.



1: How about our background?

1). We are 100% 15 years OEM professional manufacturer, have advanced machines, professional team, efficient organization, well-deserved reputation.

2). Factory located in Dongguan City of Guangdong Province, 35 minutes by car from Guangzhou. Convenient transportation and highly-developed economy. It is adjacent to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Foshan, Hong Kong and Macao, and are close to Yantian and Skekou Port in Shenzhen.

3). Each Year, we will attend Canton Fair in April and Oct., and also come to another country to attend exhibition, such as been Germany, Franch, Amercian, Dubai, Turkey ect.,

2: How to guarantee our quality?

1). Before produce: send samples for checking.

2). During producing: send photos for producing.

3). Before shipment: customer's test company come to our factory to inspection of goods or we can send bulk production samples for checking.

4). After shipment: if there any problem about the packing tape, if it's our mistake, we will take responsible.        

3: How about Packaging?

1). Can be printed customer's logo on the paper core and cartons.

2). Normal packaging, special packaing as your request, such as individual shrink with logo card, barcode lable,  blister card or as request.

Please contact me if you have any question or interest in this.

Our contact details are as follows:

M:+86 15220392995

Linked in:15220392995


Anne Ling.

Q: Is it possible to get sample before place order?


A: Yes, sure, for quality & material checking, stock samples without customized printing can be provided freely at your courier account. We will be happy to send you free samples.


Q: How long does it take for sample production time?


A: 1 day for existing samples. 5-7 days for customized samples. 

There are many types of tape wholesale products, and packaging tape is a very important product, but there may be breakage during its use. How to prevent it?

First, when receiving the packaging tape, please be careful not to use the knife to directly cut from the middle, to cut from both ends, the lower knife can not be too deep, the thickness of the carton is very thin, the lower knife is too hard, it will be cut to the top The packaging tape that is in contact has a little knife wound on it, and the whole roll is scrapped. It is broken when pulled, so please pay attention to avoid contact between the tip or sharp object and the packing tape when unpacking. Second, during the use of the packaging tape, the colloid can not be touched by sharp objects, and the packaging tape is relatively fragile, so as not to cause damage.

Also, the packaging tape used is regular. If it has been broken from one place, the packaging tape may have been damaged. Tape wholesale is looking forward to everyone to consult!

Generally, in the tape manufacturer, the sealing tape will have the tape clip of the device. What kind of role can it play? Let's take a look at it:

In general, the tape clamp of the sealing tape device is a type of clamp that clamps the tape during the tape packaging process. In the process of sealing the box, two clamps are arranged at both ends of the tape to firmly clamp the tape, and during the movement of the tape, the tape clamp can play the role of clamping and dragging. The tape clamp on the front clamps the tape and the tape clip on the back needs to be loosened. The tape is clamped in the process of clamping the tape to ensure the strength of its compression. The loose tape is easy to fall off, and the over-tightening of the clip makes it easy to pinch off the tape.

Therefore, when designing the structure, the upper end of the tape clamp is formed into a block shape, and the lower end of the clip is formed in a cylindrical shape, and a spring is connected between the upper clamp and the lower clamp to control the clamping.

Q: What’s terms of payment?

 A: 30% T/T deposit, 70% balance before delivery.

 B: 30% T/T deposit, 70% balance against BL.

 C: 100% in advance, L/C at sight, Western Union/ Paypal for small amount payment.


Q: To get a quote, what are some necessary details to tell us?

 A: Material, size, style, color, logo profile, logo size, logo print terms, quantity and any other needs.


Q: What is the MOQ?

 A: The MOQ is the minimum quantity you need to purchase, and you can make it by the MOQ.


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