Adhesive Packing Tape Clear Bopp Water Acrylic Box Sealing

Adhesive Packing Tape Clear Bopp Water Acrylic Box Sealing

Shenzhen Chengxing Packing & Material Co.,Ltd is one of the best clear tape manufacturers, welcome to import cheap clear tape from our factory. Quick Details Material: BOPP Use: Carton Sealing Adhesive Side: Single Sided Adhesive: Acrylic Adhesive Type: Pressure Sensitive Feature: Waterproof...

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Q: How is the cling film generally packaged?


      A: It can be packed in a color box, and the logo and pattern can be printed on the color box. Sawtooth and slipper can also be installed for ease of use.


Q: I have a wrap roll, can you process it for me?


      A: Yes, we can process your plastic wrap and we also have degradable materials.






 Q: How is the cling film classified?


     Answer: According to the raw materials, it can be divided into PE cling film and PVC cling film. It can also be classified into degradable and non-degradable according to whether or not degradable materials are added.


Q: What color can wrap film do?


     A, the color of cling film is generally recommended to be transparent, and other colors can be used, but the required order quantity is relatively high.


Q: How do you distinguish between cling film PE and PVC?


     Answer: The simplest one can be distinguished according to the color. The transparent du of PE is relatively poor, the transparency of PVC is better; the pulling force of PE is smaller than that of PVC.


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