Adhesive Tape Water Glue Bopp Brown Factory Price Best Quality

Adhesive Tape Water Glue Bopp Brown Factory Price Best Quality

Shenzhen Chengxing Packing & Material Co.,Ltd is one of the best PE cling film manufacturers, welcome to import cheap PE cling film from our factory. Quick Details Material: PE Type: Stretch Film Usage: Cling Film Feature: Moisture Proof Hardness: Soft Processing Type: Casting Transparency:...

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        According to the material classification can be divided into a variety of, so the use of different materials of tape and method will be different, the following foam substrate double-sided tape, PET substrate double-sided tape, no substrate double-sided tape, non-woven The method of using the double-sided adhesive of the substrate and the hot melt adhesive as a reference:

        1. Foam substrate double-sided adhesive is suitable for the bonding of air conditioners, office furniture and communication products. It can replace the screw fixing design to make the products more beautiful. It has softness, good applicability, good initial tack and good adhesion, good solvent resistance and UV resistance. The general thickness is about 0.4-1.0MM, the short-term temperature resistance reaches 130-150°C, and the long-term temperature resistance reaches 80-93°C. .

       2. PET substrate double-sided adhesive has good temperature resistance and strong shear resistance. Generally, the long-term temperature resistance reaches 100-125 ° C, the short-term temperature resistance reaches 150-200 ° C, and the thickness is generally 0.048-0.2 MM. Bonding of nameplates, LCDs, decorations, and decorative parts.

        3. Non-substrate double-sided adhesive has excellent bonding effect, can prevent falling off and has excellent waterproof performance, good processing performance and good temperature resistance. The short-term temperature can reach 204-230 ° C, and the long-term temperature resistance reaches 120-145 ° C. The thickness is generally about 0.05-0.13MM, which is suitable for bonding of nameplates, panels and decorative parts.

        4. Non-woven substrate double-sided adhesive has good viscosity and processability, generally long-term temperature resistance can reach 70-80 ° C, short-term temperature can reach 100-120 ° C, thickness is generally about 0.08-0.15MM, suitable for Nameplate, plastic fitting, automobile, mobile phone, electrical appliance, sponge, rubber, signage, paper products, toys and other industries, assembly of home appliances and electronic instruments, display lenses.

       Tape manufacturers introduce the knowledge of bopp sealing tape

       With the innovation of technology, the Bopp sealing tape production equipment has been updated. The bopp sealing tape manufacturer has trained many professionals, technicians and skilled operators. The technology of bopp sealing tape production has been continuously improved and updated. It has become more and more mature. BOPP sealing tape is non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly, light weight, low cost, etc. It makes it widely applicable to various sealing packaging, bonding, solid parts of objects, etc. It is an indispensable packaging product for industrial production.

        In the fiercely competitive market, our company continues to forge ahead and provide customers with high-quality and preferential products, which has won the appreciation of many customers. Bopp sealing tape can be coated with any color tape according to customer requirements to meet the needs of more users. Our company mainly develops and produces transparent tape, color sealing tape, printing sealing glue, bopp sealing tape, etc. Welcome customers to come to consult and purchase!


        The development of the sealing tape industry is closely related to the market demand for tape performance. If you want to know the application prospects of bopp sealing tape, or if you want to know the broad market of bopp sealing tape, then we should pay attention to Bopp sealing tape market, the following is a brief introduction to the market of bopp sealing tape.

        What is the market prospect of bopp sealing tape? With the development of the times, bopp sealing tape is widely used in carton packaging, spare parts fixing, daily necessities, sharp object binding and so on. Such extensive use has created a broad market for bopp sealing tape. In summary, the market prospect of bopp sealing tape is very broad, and many industries are inseparable from it. According to the current trend, it is bound to have a good development prospect.

Q:Can I customize my product?


A: We can make the product according to your requirements.


Q: How is my order shipped? Will my bags arrive on time?


A: By sea, by air or by express carriers (UPS, FedEx, TNT) transit time depends on freight rates.



Q: What is the production time?


A: 15-25 days normal, it depends on the quantity. Please tell us the date you want, we could try our best to satisfy you.



Q: Is it possible to get sample before place order?


A: Yes, sure, for quality & material checking, stock samples without customized printing can be provided freely at your courier account. We will be happy to send you free samples.


Q: How long does it take for sample production time?


A: 1 day for existing samples. 5-7 days for customized samples.


      Domestic bopp tape industry market competition is fierce


      At present, the tape industry is cutting prices and marketing, and the outflow of benefits is a big problem in the production and operation of enterprises.

       In the face of non-standard market competition, the tape industry must take self-discipline actions. It is necessary to give full play to the coordinated management role of industry associations and the supervision role of the quality supervision department of tape products on product quality.

       For the tape quality supervision and inspection department:

       First, it is necessary to cooperate with the association to do a good job of credit product quality credit activities;

       Second, it is necessary to strengthen contact with relevant departments, conduct regular spot checks on tape products, and report on sampling inspections to resist inferior products;

       Third, it is to continue to implement the production license licensing system for key tape products and the quality certification system for tape products.

       For the tape association:

       First, it is necessary to organize industry promotion activities to let users understand the tape industry;

       Second, it is to organize quality credit activities to support enterprises with good quality and good reputation of tape products;

       Third, it is to carry out activities to cultivate famous brand products and improve the competitiveness of the tape industry;

       Fourth, it is to do a good job in the coordination of the enterprise, and guide enterprises not to engage in loss management and disorderly competition.

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