3m scotch heavy duty packaging tape

3m scotch heavy duty packaging tape

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Product Details

3m scotch heavy duty packaging tape

The colorless and colorless function of the tape

The tape is made of high-pressure corona on the basis of the original film of BOPP, and after one surface is roughened and then glued, the strip is divided into small rolls, which is the tape we use every day. The tape glue is acrylate glue, also known as pressure sensitive glue, the main component is rouge.

Rouge is a kind of polymer active substance, and the temperature has a certain influence on molecular activities. The rouge content of the glue directly affects the use of the tape. The initial adhesive force of the normal sealing tape is between ≥13 (steel ball number), and the thickness of the tape glue is generally 22 micrometers, which is a standard thickness.

For colored tapes, it is convenient for marking and shielding purposes, generally beige and khaki. The color of the colored tape is the color of the glue.

The scotch tape is pinched and then pulled open quickly, and the rubber of one side can be pulled out to see the purity and transparency of the original film.

1. Details




From28 micto 100 mic , Normal: 40mic, 45mic, 48mic , 50mic etc.orasyourequired


From 4mmto1280mm, Normal: 45mm, 48mm, 50mm, 72mm etc.orasyourequired


From 10mto8000m, Normal: 50m,66m,100m,100y,300m,500m,1000m etc. orasyourequired


6rolls/shrink,36rolls/carton,72rolls/cartonorascustomer ' srequirement


clear, super clear,transparent, yellowish, ect, orasrequired



Offer printing, can be printed 1-6color mixed for logo


ISO9001:2008,SGS, BV


Dependsonyourquantity,usually 10-12 daysafterdepositreceived



2. Usage/Features

Acrylic Glue Brown and Transparent BOPP Packing Adhesive Tape

3. Production Process/Package/Shipping
Acrylic Glue Brown and Transparent BOPP Packing Adhesive Tape
Acrylic Glue Brown and Transparent BOPP Packing Adhesive Tape

First of all, the tape should be placed in rolls, not folded, and should be flipped once a quarter when stored for too long. Secondly, the type and specification of the tape should be reasonably selected according to the needs of use and specific conditions; and the tapes of different varieties, different specifications, strengths and layers should not be used together. Again, the tape should be placed in the warehouse to avoid exposure to the sun and rain; it is forbidden to contact with the organic solvent of the acid-base oil to keep it clean and dry.

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