Blue Printing Tape Manufacturers

Blue Printing Tape Manufacturers

Manufacturer of stretch wrap film, paper corner protector, packing tapes and more materials for over 13 years.

Product Details

bopp blue background packing tape

          1Manufacturer of stretch wrap film

Introduction of blue printing tape manufacturers

Printing tape, also known as printing tape, is a kind of sealing tape. It is made of BOPP polypropylene film and printed with professional printing equipment.

Blue printing tape manufacturers' features:

The company's name, company logo, company's event date, special offers, warnings, etc. are printed on the sealing tape, mainly to make the sealing tape play a role in promoting the company's brand.

Production of blue printing tape manufacturers:

The length, width and thickness of the printing tape are made according to the requirements of the customer. The printed characters are very color, and can be one color or multiple colors. The color of the printing tape is transparent, white, yellow, beige, etc. These colors are more commonly used.

Blue printing tape manufacturer's price:

According to the different prices provided by the customers, the different prices are different. The higher the general writing, the higher the price, the more colors are drawn, the difficulty is increased, and the price is naturally higher. Also add the cost of making copper plates, if the customer has it, do not make copper.

Use of blue printing tape:

1. Sealing and fixing various products

2. Provide protection during production

3. Widely used for structural bonding of various materials such as metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, etc., such as fixing of plastic parts of electronic products, laminated glass, etc.

The standard of the product: strong enough viscosity, strong enough toughness, determine the thickness of the demand, the size of the material.

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