Bopp Custom Tape Ideal For Wrapping

Bopp Custom Tape Ideal For Wrapping

Manufacturer of stretch wrap film, paper corner protector, packing tapes and more materials for over 13 years.

Product Details

bopp custom tape ideal for wrapping 


Introduction to printing tape

Material :BOPP(polypropylene) film

Adhesive: pressure sensitive adhesive, water - based acrylic adhesive, hot melt adhesive, solvent - based acrylic adhesive

Size, thickness, color can be customized according to customer requirements.

Tape characteristics

• up to 6 beautiful colors printed just according to your order, including clear brown, buff, brown, yellow, beige, red, pink, orange, purple, violet, white, blue, green, grey, black, etc.

• no bubbles, strong adhesion, long lasting viscosity, instant adhesion to most surfaces

•100% raw material, smooth, waterproof, pressure sensitive

• high tensile strength and good elongation

• resistance to moisture, wear, tear and splitting

• does not flake, crack or dry

Durable, uv - resistant, non - yellowing

• no odor, non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly

•OEM can provide any specification according to customer's size and color

• factory price, manufacturer, 17 years experience, according to ISO, SGS, ASTM, PSTC, AFERA, JATMA standards.

Application of printing tape

• widely used in light, medium and heavy packing

• suitable for your mailing, shipping, moving, packaging and storage needs

• carton seal, case seal or bag seal

• decorative bundling, bundling and gift packaging

• high performance industrial tape

• handheld vending machines or vending machines are available

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