Bopp Tape Acrylic Box Self Adhesive Supper Clear

Bopp Tape Acrylic Box Self Adhesive Supper Clear

Shenzhen Chengxing Packing & Material Co.,Ltd is one of the best color tape manufacturers, welcome to import cheap color tape from our factory. Quick Details Material: BOPP Use: Carton Sealing Adhesive Side: Single Sided Adhesive: Acrylic Adhesive Type: Pressure Sensitive Feature: Waterproof...

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Q: Can pet straps print other colors?


 A: The pet strap can print all regular colors, such as transparent, white, green, etc.




      BOPP sealing tape storage method:

   1. The product should be packaged and stored in a cool, dry and clean warehouse, avoiding sunlight, freezing and high temperature, avoiding mixing with organic solvents and sharp objects, and not rolling or throwing.

   2. BOPP sealing tape storage environment 5 ° C ~ 30 ° C, should avoid placing too high temperature.

   3. BOPP sealing tape is generally stored for one year.


    Reminder: At present, the sealing tape in the market is chaotic. In order to report the length and thickness of the material, the materials are different. Everyone chooses a high-quality supplier. If the sealing tape is not sticky enough to reach the standard thickness, the sealing is easy to open, the pulling force is not good, and the heavy cargo breaks in the middle, which affects the safety of the product and increases the cost of the enterprise.


 Q: Do you have a production strapping machine?


    A: Yes, we also have strapping machines, semi-automatic, fully automatic, hand-operated.


Q: How long does it take to deliver the strap?


     A: The general delivery time is within 30 days. If it is more urgent, you can discuss it with us.


Q: Where is your nearest port?


     A: Our nearest port is Shenzhen.


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