Bopp Tape High Adhesive Tensile Colorful

Bopp Tape High Adhesive Tensile Colorful

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Tape manufacturers tell you how to store high temperature tape


High-temperature tapes are of high value in protective film (tape) consumables. Storage of high-temperature tapes should be more appropriate to reduce tape loss and performance. So how to store high-temperature tape? Shenzhen Tanbai tape has many years of experience in the production and processing of tape, for you to summarize as follows

High temperature tape storage and maintenance points:

   1. The tape should be stored in the warehouse to avoid exposure to sunlight and rain. It is forbidden to contact with the organic solvent of acid and alkali oil, keep it clean and dry, and the room temperature is between -15 °C and 40 °C except for the discovery device.

     2. The tape should be placed in a roll, not folded, and should be flipped once every quarter when the storage time is too long.

     3. When loading and unloading the conveyor belt, it is best to use the crane, and use the rigging with the beam to hoist smoothly, to avoid damage to the belt edge, do not load and unload arbitrarily, causing the loose roll sleeve.

     4. The type of tape, the specifications should be reasonably selected according to the needs of use and specific conditions.

     5. Do not connect (fit and match) tapes of different varieties, different specifications, strengths and layers.

     6. Conveyor belt joints are preferably heat vulcanized to improve reliability and maintain high effective strength.

     7. The diameter of the conveyor roller and the minimum pulley diameter of the conveyor should comply with the relevant regulations.

     8. Do not let the tape snake or creep. Keep the roller, the vertical roller is flexible, and the tension should be moderate.

     9. When the conveyor is equipped with a baffle and a cleaning device, wear on the tape should be avoided.

     10. Cleanliness is the basic condition for the good operation of the tape. Foreign substances can affect the belt eccentricity, tension difference, and even breakage.

11. When the tape is found to have early damage during use, it is necessary to find the cause and repair in time to avoid the occurrence of adverse consequences.

In short, high-temperature tape storage can not be taken lightly, be sure to maintain good storage and storage habits, can save more costs for your business.

Q: Is there a requirement for the length of the stretch film?


A: We can produce stretch film below 4000m, but we recommend you choose the common length of 300m and 500m.



Q: What is the main purpose of stretch film?


A: Stretch film is mainly used for transportation. It can be protected by wrapping it on the goods. It can be used for anti-theft, dustproof and waterproof. It can also be used in life for wrapping, padding, wrapping and so on.



Q: Does the stretch film have a shelf life?


 A: The stretch film is stored in a cool and dry warehouse for 2-3 years without affecting the use.


Q: I don't know the common specifications of stretch film. What should I do?


A: You can contact us directly to ask for common specifications and we can answer them.


Q: I have purchased a stretch film and want to buy the same specifications as before. But I don't know the original specifications. What should I do?


A: We are professional. Just tell us the weight, width and thickness of your original stretch film. We can help you calculate the specifications you need.


Talking about the surface treatment method of high temperature tape

The high temperature tape has a smooth surface, good anti-adhesion, chemical and high temperature resistance and excellent insulation properties. It is widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, sealing and sealing, electrical and electronic industries.

The following describes the surface treatment method of the lower joint:

1 Polish the surface of the cloth layer and the transition zone into a rough shape with a wire needle wheel.

Note: The purpose of sanding is to remove surface contamination and increase the surface activity and roughness of the glue and cloth. It is advantageous to retain the adhesion of the overlay on the fabric to the high temperature tape joint. Be careful not to damage the fabric when sanding.

2 Apply glue to the polished cloth layer and the transition surface of the reference line.

3 Apply the glue twice. When the glue is applied, it should be done too much, not leaking. The first pass has a thickness of about 0.1 mm, and the second pass has a thickness of about 0.2 mm. Each time you apply the glue, it must be dried. The purpose of drying is to make the solvent in the glue all volatilize, and the degree of drying can be lightly glued to the surface with a finger, so that it is not suitable for the hand.

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