Clear Tape Easy Tear Tape For Carton Packing

Clear Tape Easy Tear Tape For Carton Packing

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     The use of the wrapping film has brought us a lot of convenience. Everyone wants to know why it will be thin without breaking it? Below we have a small series to introduce the reasons for this, I believe that after reading, you will solve the doubts in your happiness.

      Machine stretch film has a wide range of applications, mainly in conjunction with pallets, to package bulk goods in lieu of small containers. Because it can reduce the cost of bulk cargo transportation and packaging by more than 30%, it is widely used in the whole package of hardware, minerals, chemicals, medicine, food, machinery and other products; in the field of warehouse storage, foreign countries also use more Stretch-wrapped film tray packaging for three-dimensional storage to save space and space.

PE stretch film is also called stretch film. The earliest use of PVC in China is due to environmental problems, high cost and poor stretchability. It is gradually replaced when PE film is produced in China.


        PE stretch film is first made of EVA as self-adhesive material, but its cost is high and taste. After development, PIB VLDPE is used as self-adhesive material. The substrate is now LLDPE, including C4 C6 C8 and metallocene PE (MPE). The metallocene polyethylene resin product is a unique single resin that provides an unprecedented combination of film processing and high carbon alpha olefin (HAO) performance advantages. Processors can achieve more stable processing, increase throughput, reduce film thickness, and simplify the procurement of resin materials. MPE resin has a wide processing range on LLDPE and LDPE film processing equipment and can cope with changes in production conditions. It is a product for producing high toughness and high transparency film, which can significantly reduce film thickness.



           Better results are still provided relative to LLDPE/LDPE resins. As a multifunctional resin, MPE resins create value in multi-layer blown film lines, cast film lines and single-layer blown film lines. Contributed to sustainable development. In the early LLDPE stretched film, there were many blown films, from single layer to two layers and three layers. Now, the LLDPE stretch film is mainly produced by the casting method, and the processing range is narrow due to the narrow molecular weight distribution of the stretched film. Processing conditions are difficult to control, usually adding 5% LDPE to reduce melt viscosity and increase the flatness of the stretched film. The casting method has the advantages of uniform thickness and high transparency, and can be applied to high-rate pre-stretching requirements. Since single-layer casting does not achieve single-sided adhesion, the application field is limited. Therefore, it is better to have a three-layer co-extruded structure. The stretched film produced is uniform in thickness, good in pulling force, and not easily broken.


 Q: How is the cling film classified?


 A: According to the raw materials, it can be divided into PE cling film and PVC cling film. It can also be classified into degradable and non-degradable according to whether or not degradable materials are added.



Q: What color can wrap film do?


 A: the color of cling film is generally recommended to be transparent, and other colors can be used, but the required order quantity is relatively high.




 Q: How do you distinguish between cling film PE and PVC?


 A: The simplest one can be distinguished according to the color. The transparent du of PE is relatively poor, the transparency of PVC is better; the pulling force of PE is smaller than that of PVC.

How does the stretch film judge the quality?

  According to the user's needs, it is best to choose the stretch film that suits you. How to judge what kind of stretch film is good?

1. According to your needs, choose the stretch film that suits your needs. From a few squares to more than one meter, what kind of wrapping film do you need? It is best for you, not only the width but also the thickness. It can also be customized according to your needs.

  This is just like marriage, and you can only know if you are wearing your own feet.

2, chasing its roots, choose the production of high-quality raw materials of the film is the fundamental, the raw material is guaranteed to be pure, in order to ensure tensile strength and tear strength, and to ensure good self-adhesive.

3. At present, the most use of the wrapping film is to use ordinary paper tube as the bearing function, and some manufacturers use heavy sand pipes for weighting. Is this winding film that provides sufficient weight really heavy enough?

4, toughness is the most important performance to judge the stretch film, high strength stretch rate and super puncture resistance, not only reduces the probability of breakage of the wrap film in use, but also greatly improves the packaging efficiency, and can also make the stretch film The package is stronger and more beautiful.

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