Masking Tape White Auto Painting Masking Tape

Masking Tape White Auto Painting Masking Tape

Shenzhen Chengxing Packing & Material Co.,Ltd is one of the best color tape manufacturers, welcome to import cheap color tape from our factory. Quick Details Material: BOPP Use: Carton Sealing Adhesive Side: Single Sided Adhesive: Acrylic Adhesive Type: Pressure Sensitive Feature: Waterproof...

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        According to scientific data from the China Express Association, in 2015, the express delivery industry completed 20.6 billion business units, using at least 1 meter of tape for each express delivery. The tape produced by 20.6 billion express delivery can wrap around the earth for more than 500 laps. In the last year of the year, the total volume of express service enterprises above the scale of Linyi City has reached 4,078,800 pieces. According to this algorithm, the tape produced by our city is more than enough around the earth.

         So how does the express delivery industry consume so much tape, summarizing the following points:

        1. There is no uniform standard and the packaging materials are varied.

        2, the amount of garbage is large, looking forward to discovering recyclable packaging materials

        3, the damage needs to be paid by the courier, excessive packaging is common. The main reason for the large amount of tape is the over-packaging. Teared one layer after another, opened one after another. The purpose of this is to prevent damage to the items during transportation.

Q: What is the role of stretch film core?


A: The stretched film core is used to facilitate the use of stretched film. It can be used conveniently in stretch film and reduce the wear of stretched film.


Q: What are the specifications for stretch film cores?


A: The common specifications of stretch film cores are 1”, 2”, 3”, and special specifications are also available.



Q: Can I buy a stretch film master roll?


A: The parent roll of the stretch film is also available for sale, and the parent roll is cheaper.


     Color tape is a kind of tape. Generally, it is made of Polypropylene film (BOPP). It can be coated with any color tape according to customer's requirements, and then coated with pressure sensitive adhesive to dry into a self-adhesive tape. Printing the company's trademark LOGO and company name, etc., play a role in counterfeiting and increase corporate visibility.

     If you are decorating a room but are afraid of trouble and don't want to spend too much energy and money. So using color tape to renovate the home is really a very good idea.

     The color tape is brightly colored and bold in design, which can upgrade furniture, walls, photo frames, vases, tableware, etc. perfectly and quickly.

     Color tapes can be bought everywhere, all kinds of bright colors, design bold color tape, people are very pleasing to watch!

     In addition to hanging decorative paintings on the white background wall, a large heart-shaped pattern is printed with colored tape, and the fashion sense is brought instantly! So color tape can help us create a poetic lifestyle.

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