Opp Tape Supper Transparent Good Quality Low Price

Opp Tape Supper Transparent Good Quality Low Price

Shenzhen Chengxing Packing & Material Co.,Ltd is one of the best color tape manufacturers, welcome to import cheap color tape from our factory. Quick Details Material: BOPP Use: Carton Sealing Adhesive Side: Single Sided Adhesive: Acrylic Adhesive Type: Pressure Sensitive Feature: Waterproof...

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The following aspects should be noted for the selection of tape:

First, smell, if the taste is very strong, there is a smell of sour smell, the retention of this tape is very poor, especially in low temperature environment, the sealant which is basically stuck on the carton will crack, the stronger the taste The initial tackiness of the hand is still very sticky, but soon the rubber surface will dry up and lose its colloidality. At that time, there will be cracks on the surface of the tape, which is due to uneven coating.

Second, look at the brightness of the film, the general inferior tape will be darker, the probability of this tape breaking is very high, the strength is poor.

Third, the thickness of the hand-feel film, the tape that feels hard film is generally relatively small, and the actual number of meters will be reduced due to the film thickness. The film selected for good tape is relatively soft, and the film is stretched by hand.

Fourth, look at the color, the more transparent the appearance of the transparent tape, the less the tape impurities, to ensure the normal adhesiveness of the tape, the tape below 100 meters has a certain transparency to see the paper tube. Select the tape can also see the tape surface Whether there are irregular white spots, the mark of impurities or glue dry can not be wiped by hand, this product generally has a smell.

5. Looking at the paper tube, the tape used for the thick paper tube is generally for misleading consumption. The production of the tape is started from abroad, so the inner diameter of the paper tube of the tape is uniform 7.6 cm, but the inferior tape is on the thickness of the paper tube. It is a lot of work, and this situation is related to many consumers. Many people think that the thicker the paper tube, the larger the outer ring, the more the tape is rolled, this kind of cognition is unscientific.

Sixth, look at the tightness, the tape from the semi-finished product to the finished product is processed by the machine for stripping, there is a certain tension, the tension is large, the tape will be tightly wound, the tape should be rolled neatly according to the routine, so There is no gap in the tape, and the degree of bonding of the glue to the air is small, which can extend the shelf life of the tape and maximize the adhesion of the tape. In addition, for the inferior tape, because it contains impurities, the glue is uneven and is rolled up. There will be no problems at the time of the finished product, but the time will start to appear a little longer. The tape with the gap is a typical roll-up performance, so the best way to choose the two tapes is to feel the weight.

We insist on the actual operation of the company's operating mechanism, product quality, technological innovation and service advantages to the customer, so that customers get tangible benefits.

Q: You are using stretch film for machine use. Do you have a machine that uses stretch film?


Answer: Because the machine stretch film is used together with the stretch film, we have developed a one-day machine production line, and we have a stretch film machine for sale.


Q: What is a mini stretch film?


A: The mini stretch film is relatively small, and there is an extended core at one end for easy use. The shape can be imagined as a larger grenades.



Q: What is the use of tape?


A: Can be used for sealing, advertising, pasting, protecting products, winding, etc.



Q: How many tapes are there?


A: Generally, it is 24 rolls/carton, 36 rolls/carton, 48 rolls/carton, and 72 rolls/carton. The specific needs are judged according to the tape specifications.



Q: What types of tape are there?


A: The tape can be divided into transparent tape, printing tape and color tape according to the color; according to the function, it can be divided into ordinary tape, low noise tape, no bubble tape, super transparent tape and so on.



Q: How is the amount of tape less transported?


A: The amount of tape is small. We generally choose express delivery (3-9 days), and you can also choose the transportation method according to your needs.


      Insulation tape manufacturing process

      Insulating tape refers to the tape used by electricians to prevent leakage and insulation.

Production process: made of polyvinyl chloride film as base material, coated with rubber type pressure sensitive adhesive.

      Insulated rubber tape produced by the tape factory refers to the tape used by electricians to prevent leakage and insulation. Also known as insulating tape, tape, consisting of a base tape and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer. The base tape is generally made of cotton cloth, synthetic fiber fabric and plastic film. The rubber layer is made of rubber and tackifying resin and other compounding agent, and has good adhesiveness and excellent insulation performance. Insulating tape has good insulation, pressure resistance, flame retardancy, weather resistance, etc. It is suitable for wire connection and electrical insulation protection.

      Insulating tapes produced by the tape factory are widely used in electricians such as dressing, joints, and insulation seals of wires used below 380V. The production process has two methods: the rubbing method and the coating method.

      Production process: made of polyvinyl chloride film as substrate and coated with rubber type pressure sensitive adhesive.

       In the process of using electricity, people noticed that the cross-sectional area of the power cord material has an impact on the safe use of electrical equipment, but often the insulation tape produced by the tape factory is not paid enough attention to the joint. Nowadays, the laying of power lines is more and more complicated, and they are all under the wooden floor, in the wall, in the partitions and in the wet underground or in the water. If the insulation tape is used improperly, electric leakage will occur, endangering personal safety. Therefore, we must use the insulating tape correctly. The power cord connector is divided into "+" word connection, "-" word connection method, and "T" word connection method. The joint should be tightly wrapped, smooth and burr-free. Otherwise, before the wire head is disconnected, it should be lightly pressed with a wire cutter, then wound around the pressure port, and then swinged left and right, the thread will be disconnected at the joint. If the joint is in a dry place, first wrap 2 layers with insulating black tape, then wrap 2 layers of plastic tape, then stretch about 200% with insulating self-adhesive tape, wrap 2~3 layers, and finally wrap 2 layers of plastic tape.

        Because the plastic tape produced by the tape factory directly has many disadvantages: the plastic tape is easy to be misplaced and opened for a long time; when the electrical load is heavy, the joint is heated, the plastic tape is easy to melt and shrink; the power connector is squeezed in the junction box, and the joint has burrs When it is easy to puncture the plastic tape and so on.

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