Sealing Tape Carton Packing/box Sealing Guangdong

Sealing Tape Carton Packing/box Sealing Guangdong

Shenzhen Chengxing Packing & Material Co.,Ltd is one of the best color tape manufacturers, welcome to import cheap color tape from our factory. Quick Details Material: BOPP Use: Carton Sealing Adhesive Side: Single Sided Adhesive: Acrylic Adhesive Type: Pressure Sensitive Feature: Waterproof...

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Q: How many colors can I print on tape printing?


A: It is recommended to print 3 colors (including 3 colors) below, and 3 colors will cause the logo color of the tape to be chaotic.


Q: What is a mini stretch film?


A: The mini stretch film is relatively small, and there is an extended core at one end for easy use. The shape can be imagined as a larger grenades.



If it is the tape of the floor, it is better to protect it. Use the crane during loading and unloading to avoid damage to the belt during the manual transfer process. This will hinder the application. If it is not the same type, then it must be placed according to different standards, so that the time to persist is longer. If you find the tape

Damaged, then it should be repaired in time. Try not to make the tape serpentine, so that it can cause damage to the tape. If such a problem occurs, it must be repaired in time.

Generally, during the tape production process, or when cutting the strips, the glue layer and the glue layer will inevitably invade the air, causing the appearance of bubbles, and the bubbles in the tape will not affect the quality of the tape, such as tension. , sticky, etc. are not related to bubbles, so don't worry about this kind of problem, you can use it with confidence.

In fact, the tapes that have just been produced are all air bubbles. After being left for a while, the bubbles will disappear automatically. The longer the placement time, the higher the transparency of the tape.

Generally, the paper tube inside can be seen from the transparent part on the outside. The larger the tape is placed, the longer it will be, the longer it will become transparent and the bubble will not be visible.

Be sure to first determine the width of the color printing tape. The color printing tape is mainly used in the sealing box. Once the width of the tape is determined, the width will be changed later, and the entire plate-making template will be re-doed. This is a waste, so When choosing, it is essential to determine the width. Also pay attention to color printing tape

The viscosity, to understand the product that is suitable for that viscosity, mainly in which industry, some tape viscosity is small, mainly suitable for the finished component braiding, good viscosity for ceramic capacitors, metallization capacity, etc. Tape in the manufacturing process of the product.

Q: Can the packing tape print the logo?


 A: The pp strap can print the logo. It is recommended to use a color to two colors. The Pet strap can be color-selected, but the logo cannot be printed because the pet strap has a smooth surface.

Q: What is environmentally friendly tape?


A: Environmentally friendly tape is a tape that is thick and does not pollute the environment. At present, our environmentally friendly tape is only kraft paper tape, and other tapes are being developed for degradation.


Q: How can the packing tape be classified according to the raw materials?


A: It can be divided into pp strapping and pet strapping.


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