Water Acrylic Tape Strong Sticky High Performent China Popular

Water Acrylic Tape Strong Sticky High Performent China Popular

Shenzhen Chengxing Packing & Material Co.,Ltd is one of the best color tape manufacturers, welcome to import cheap color tape from our factory. Quick Details Material: BOPP Use: Carton Sealing Adhesive Side: Single Sided Adhesive: Acrylic Adhesive Type: Pressure Sensitive Feature: Waterproof...

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  Q: What are the paper corners that can be divided into shapes?


   A: It can be divided into L-shaped semi-wrapped paper corners, L-shaped all-inclusive paper corners, plum buckle paper corners, wrapping paper corners, and u-shaped paper corners. Specifically, you can contact us to give you a picture reference.



 Q: What color is the paper corner?


 A: Paper corners mainly include brown paper corners and white paper corners.




 Q: Can the paper corner be printed?


 A: Yes, paper corners can be printed. You need to send us the logo to be printed.


 General form method for tape joints

       The first is the mechanical connection method, which is simple in operation, fast in speed, detachable, but low in strength. This is followed by a cold-bonding method, which is characterized by no leakage, noise and vibration, and does not require expensive equipment, but has the disadvantage of low joint strength and poor reliability. Again, the hot-adhesive joint method is an ideal tape joint method. If the joint quality is high, the joint life can be compared with the life of the tape itself.

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